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OpenSessionInViewModule Members

OpenSessionInViewModule overview

Public Instance Constructors

OpenSessionInViewModule Constructor Initializes a new instance of the OpenSessionInViewModule class. Creates a SessionScope, but does not yet associate a session with a thread, that is lef to the lifecycle of the request.

Public Instance Properties

DefaultFlushMode (inherited from SessionScope) Gets the flushmode to be applied on each newly created session.
EntityInterceptor (inherited from SessionScope) Get or set the configured EntityInterceptor
IsOpen (inherited from SessionScope) Gets a flag, whether this scope is in "open" state on the current logical thread.
IsParticipating (inherited from SessionScope) Gets a flag, whether this scope manages it's own session for the current logical thread or not.
SessionFactory (inherited from SessionScope) Get or set the configured SessionFactory
SingleSession (inherited from SessionScope) Set whether to use a single session for each request. Default is "true". If set to false, each data access operation or transaction will use its own session (like without Open Session in View). Each of those sessions will be registered for deferred close, though, actually processed at request completion.

Public Instance Methods

Close (inherited from SessionScope) Close the current view's session and unregisters from spring's TransactionSynchronizationManager.
Dispose A do nothing dispose method.
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GetType (inherited from Object)Gets the Type of the current instance.
Init Register context handler and look up SessionFactoryObjectName under the application configuration key, Spring.Data.NHibernate.Support.OpenSessionInViewModule.SessionFactoryObjectName if not using the default value (i.e. sessionFactory) and look up the SingleSession setting under the application configuration key, Spring.Data.NHibernate.Support.OpenSessionInViewModule.SingleSession if not using the default value of true.
Open (inherited from SessionScope) Opens a new session or participates in an existing session and registers with spring's TransactionSynchronizationManager.
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Protected Instance Fields

log (inherited from SessionScope) The logging instance.

Protected Instance Methods

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